We are a small, locally owned and operated independent foster agency with over 20 years of direct fostering experience and 17 collective years of agency management. We have built a good reputation with foster children, foster parents, Children’s Aid Societies and the MCYS.

Roy, a co-founder of Affinity Homes, has fostered for over 20 years and has owned and managed successful independent fostering agencies for over 12 years. As a foster parent he is very aware of the challenges foster parents face and can offer tons of advice regarding child management, training opportunities and the best fast food restaurants in Southern Ontario.  As an agency owner he is very aware of the expectations of Children’s Aid Societies and can effectively liaison between the foster home and the placing agency.

Roy has skydived, scuba dived and deep-end pool dived. He likes paintballing, reading, travelling, movies, and crosswords (even though he can’t spell). Roy loves hamburgers. His pet peeve includes those who don’t think he is the funniest guy ever.

All at Affinity Family Homes are very supportive and can always be counted on when support is needed. They spend a lot of time getting to know the kids, and they are always taking them out for outings in the community. They always have an ear to listen, a hand to help out (takes a village to raise a child), and a shoulder to lean on when it’s needed for myself as a foster parent and also for the kids
— Leann W.

Joanne, another co-founder of Affinity Homes, has been a foster parent and has worked in a variety of roles as an employee and owner of treatment fostering agencies. Joanne has a degree in languages (Russian, Spanish and French), which comes in very handy when travelling. Joanne, who is very organized, keeps Affinity Family Homes running smoothly and keeps Roy on time. As an agency owner she is very aware of the expectations of Children’s Aid Societies and can effectively liaison between the foster home and the placing agency.

Joanne has travelled extensively, skydived, scuba dived and tippy-toed into wading pools. She loves yoga, drawing, reading, home renovating, woodworking, travelling, movies, and crosswords (she can spell). Joanne enjoys nice meals in nice restaurants and can also tolerate the occasional fast food meal.

The couple love kids, appreciate those who choose a demanding career as a caregiver and are thrilled when it all works out. Joanne and Roy can also say with confidence that they have received more in return from the kids and families that they have known, than they have given.

Our Mission

Affinity Family Homes mission is to provide caring, responsible family-based treatment foster homes for children and youth. 

“I really appreciate all the support my kids and I get. Having both Roy and Joanne as mentors has really helped, as Roy is a positive role model for my child, and Joanne and her outings, helps him with developing relationships, boundaries and acceptable social skills.”
— Patty E., Foster Parent

What We've Achieved

  • Ran successful fostering agencies for more than 12 years
  • Worked closely with CAS's to provide above average care to children and youth
  • Provide children and youth the opportunity to make lifelong bonds
  • Retained foster parents who provide loving care to children and youth 
  • Provide children and youth the opportunity to belong to a family while recieving the services they need.