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One of our strengths is the fact that we have over 20 years of direct fostering experience and 20 collective years of managing fostering agencies. This gives us insight into the challenges foster parents may face, the motivations of the children and youth we care for and the expectations of the Children's Aid Societies who oversee their care. Additionally, we are a local agency, able to physically respond to inquiries and incidents at any time during the day or night.  We encourage our foster parents to call us for advice and support and never consider their queries to be trivial or unimportant… we have been there!

Foster parents from all economic backgrounds are encouraged to apply, as well as young families and those who are retired. Choosing fostering as a career necessitates the need for one parent to be available at all times and those considering fostering would need very flexible hours if employed inside, or outside of the home. Foster parents can rent or own their homes and must have a separate bedroom for foster children and youth.

During the application process you, will be asked to provide a Vulnerable Sector Police Check, Child Welfare Background Check (Children’s Aid Society’s record check), a medical report for all those who live in the home from a licensed medical professional, 3 personal references for single applicants and 5 personal references for dual applicants. All cost’s associated with providing these checks is covered by Affinity Family Homes. References from current and previous employers, or foster care agencies may also be required. Those with criminal records or contact with a local CAS may still become foster parents, depending on the circumstances surrounding the contact.


As well, an Affinity Family Home assessor will complete a detailed home study. The home study will determine the family's ability to provide a safe and caring environment for children and youth. The home study includes issues associated with the applicant’s family history and current functioning, their parenting skills and home safety.

All cost’s associated with the application process is covered by Affinity Family Homes. Once the application process has been completed you will then need to complete approximately 20-30 hours of training that includes child development issues, rules and regulations, abuse and serious occurrence reporting, acceptable and non-acceptable discipline practices, etc. This training usually takes place in your home and we do our best to accommodate your family's schedule.

The children we care for  range in age from younger child to older youth, with most being in the 12-17 year age range. These children and youth may have various challenges including behavioural and mental health issues. Affinity Family strives to ensure families are provided training and extensive support for the foster family, and will act as a liaison on behalf of all parties involved.

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